Valentine's Day Special

Want to give a special gift for Valentine's Day?

Guys: Give it to your wife as a gift. She gets to have a fun time, be photographed as the amazing woman she is, and it lasts longer than flowers!

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Our Professional Code of Conduct

After hearing professional and aspiring models tell me of the unprofessional conduct by a few photographers during the past few months, I have developed the Centrum Foto Studio Code of Conduct for working with models.

This Code of Conduct details how we will treat the people we photograph and what you can expect before, during and after a photoshoot with us. Sure, this might sound like something that is not necessary; however, I want to communicate my professional standards so you can be comfortable with me during our photo sessions. While this Code is specifically aimed at professional and aspiring models, I want it to be clear that we will conduct ourselves in a professional manner anytime we photograph anyone.

To read our Code of Conduct, please click on the "Our Code of Conduct" tab at the top of this page.

Have a Great Day!


Centrum Senior 2014

We have just completed the final touches on our NEW Centrum Senior 2014 Program.

We are looking for high school juniors interested in becoming a Centrum Senior. They get free photo sessions, some great images for their facebook page, and the ability to get free prints.

OK, What’s the catch? Only one. You get to tell your friends how much fun it was to have your senior photos done by Centrum Foto Studio.  That’s it!

Interested in becoming a Centrum Senior?

See the Centrum Senior page at the top of the blog for more details or stop by the studio.

Fall Favorites

Fall continues to be colorful in iowa. Some of the best color I've seen in the 20+ years I've lived here. Hope you can get out there and enjoy the color. Here are a few examples from the area.

Consider the Lillies

It's Good Friday and the perfect day to "Consider the Lillies". Not just Easter ones either. When Jesus said this, it meant any of the wildflowers that were growing in the area, including Tulips :-). Here in our part of Iowa, there are Trillium that start off the wildflower season for me. They are up as seen below. Next will be the Bloodroot.

So Take some Time to get out this weekend and Consider the Lillies!

I'm a Flake


Okay, not me personally; although it could be argued by some that I fit the title. Here is a sample of my latest photo challenge to myself: capture individual snowflakes. This was my favorite from last weekend. Amazing to see the beauty God creates by freezing water.

With the forecast for more snow this weekend, I plan to use what I've learned and improve my technique. Stop back next week to see how many different shapes I captured. By the way, I practice "catch and release" with all snowflakes.

Have a great weekend and take some photos to remember it.

Ho-Ho-Ho- - - No More Snow, Please

Ever hear people say that we just don't get winter storms like we used to? Well, this year apprears to be one of those years we will all remember the winter storms. Total snow depth is now about 35" in the flat spots and deeper drifts abound. Today, the wind chills are in the -30s and actual temp is about -10F. Quite balmy if you Antartica or Greenland.

Winter Photography is one of my favorites. I can't wait for the temps to rise so I can get out and take some shots of the snow and other winter scenes.