Our Code of Conduct

Centrum Foto Studio Code of Conduct with Models:  How you can expect to be treated during photo shoots with us

Respect and Dignity:

You will be treated with respect and professionalism and all necessary steps will be taken to ensure that your safety, health, well being and dignity is protected and maintained at all times during the shoot. We will not ask or impose upon you any action or activity which is dangerous, degrading, unprofessional or demeaning to you. We will not touch you during the session even to move a stray hair unless you give us permission. If I do not treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve, I want you to call my wife Judy at 712-737-8828 and tell her.

Comfort Level:

We ask you to return our model questionnaire before the shoot which allows you to choose how much or how little skin you are willing to expose during a session. We will not ask or pressure you to go beyond your personal comfort level during the session.  You may change your comfort level either way, at any time, including before, during or after the session. You have the right to end the shoot at any time that you feel we are asking you to go beyond your comfort level.

Model Agreement:

A written agreement detailing the purpose and concept of the shoot will be signed before the shoot begins.  This also includes contact information, comfort levels, compensation, if hair and makeup artists are needed, the use of the images, etc. Note: The Model Release section of the agreement will be signed AFTER the session and AFTER you have had an opportunity to review the preliminary images taken during the session. Both your and my time is valuable and I expect that if one of us has to cancel or change the time, we will be adult enough to contact each other as soon as possible to reschedule.


If you are building a modeling portfolio, we offer:

1) Full Model Sessions: We will shoot the specific images you want to enhance your portfolio on a day, at a location and at a time that you schedule with us. These session fees are 75% off our regular session fees if we can use the images in our portfolio as well. You can purchase prints and/or get final retouched digital images with a commercial copyright release based on our standard price list. 

2) TFP/CD=Trade for Prints and/or CD: These sessions are limited to times that my schedule allows and that are mutually beneficial for both our portfolios. You get prints (and/or a CD of images) for your time modeling and we do not charge for our time shooting, editing, retouching and producing the final images. The number of images you receive, the image resolution, and the time frame that you will receive them, will be detailed in the model agreement. Some travel expenses will be covered or transportation services provided if the session is at my request and requires you to travel more than 15 miles from your home.

3) Paid Sessions:  If I request your modeling talent for a personal or commercial photo shoot, we will reimburse you for travelling to the location and/or to our studio if it is more than 15 miles from your home. We will confirm your rates before the session is officially offered and these rates will be included in the agreement. We will pay you for a minimum of two hours even if the session takes less time. If the session goes over the time planned, we will pay for the extra time at your going rate. A check for the full amount owed you will be written after the session is completed unless other arrangements are made before the session is agreed to.

If we ask you to be a Centrum Model we will compensate you in the following way:

TFP=Trade for Prints:  You will get a complementary 1-1.5 hour modeling photo session,  1-8x10print of the image of your choice and web sized digital files of your favorite images for personal use on Facebook or other social media (worth a total value of over $100) for your time modeling for us. You can purchase additional prints and/or get final retouched digital images with a limited copyright release based on our standard price list. We get to use the images created in our promotional pieces, advertising, web site and other commercial uses as defined in the model agreement. Some travel expenses will be covered or transportation services provided if the session is at my request and requires you to travel more than 15 miles from your home.

During the Session:

First, I seek to make every session relaxed, tasteful, creative and fun. For professional and aspiring models, I will rely on you to work with me as fellow creative artists to create the image I’m visualizing. I may ask you to pose in a physically uncomfortable way to achieve the look I want and I want you to tell me when you have reached your limit. Your opinions, suggestions, and ideas matter to me and I expect you to provide feedback during the session so we can create beautiful images we can both be proud of.

We know modeling is hard work. You will be allowed to take suitable and regular rest periods. You will not be required to work for more than two consecutive hours without a 15 minute break for rest and refreshment (water, soft drinks or other beverages of your choosing will be provided).  If the session goes over a normal meal time, we will pay for a meal of your choice.

 A private changing area will be provided for you to use both in the studio and on location. We use a small portable changing room for outdoor shoots that provides complete privacy. You will have access to adequate bathroom facilities including hot water in studios and on location wherever reasonably practicable to do so.

We will not require you to make permanent or long lasting changes to your appearance during a photo shoot, for example by cutting hair, unless the change is agreed to and noted in the agreement.

Our studio is kept well ventilated and reasonably warm in winter and reasonably cool in summer, and at all times consideration will be given to what you are wearing and the temperatures will be adjusted accordingly. On location every reasonable step will be taken to ensure that the working conditions are as comfortable as possible.

If you are more comfortable having an escort with you during the session, bring one. They are expected to remain quietly in the background, to not interfere with our work and only help if we ask them to. Escorts are recommended for any implied or higher levels to protect both of our reputations. Models under 18 years of age are required to bring a parent or escort. If you are uncomfortable with an escort being present during the session, we will provide space within hearing distance of the shooting location. If the escort is distracting to either of us during the session, we will ask the escort to leave the area or the session will be ended at that point.

After the shoot:

We will provide you with a password protected album on our website to review the final images and select which images you want for your complimentary print and web sized digital images. All web sized images are watermarked and we appreciate being given credit for our collaborative work.

Thanks-I look forward to working with you in creating stunning images of you.

Your comments and questions about this policy are encouraged.


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